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We are among the countless number of artists in a worldwide media production paradigm shift. As like-minded artists, we are speaking directly to you, our audience. You are the Corner Bloc. Welcome to the Sound/Speed.

#4813 Richard Robinson, Business in Japan


Richard M.N. Robinson on being an American entrepreneur in Japan. Founder of Target Marketing Japan. And he and his wife run their brand of English schools across the Nagano prefecture.

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#2301 MCM, Storytelller


Guest host Jeremy Cropf interviews storyteller MCM about the convergence of entertainment and technology. Known for an internet fable "The Pig and the Box" and an animated YTV action series "RollBots", look for his experimental live fiction, DIRT.

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#4811 Kevin Kato, For Now


Kevin Kato on writing stories that honor the moment. Notably about his family leaving Fukushima because of the nuclear disaster, and bicycling in Cambodia. Also we ponder success in life and gratitude as a family man.

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#4810 Kevin Kato, Cross Country


Kevin Kato on how his worldwide travels affected his creative process as an indie writer. We detail his road trip with sculptor Jon Krawczyk and the 9/11 Cross.

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